6app Dating

About us

6app is a French dating startup. Our idea is to give people the opportunity to find and create pairs without algorithms and other tinsel. “You like me, I like you- why not?”- any relationship between people is the chemistry of our body. We want to bring openness and accessibility to the level of natural being. Sex is a natural process – love is a natural process. We do not invent anything new – we just tell you that it is not worth being shy. We are all people and we all have the same needs. Using 6app you can find people who also come to find love.

You can be sure that no one will see your correspondence. Chats are stored for some time and only on your device. We do not use cloud storage. If you forget to delete the chat, it disappear after some time. The level of protection of your data is very high. We do not have a connection to social networks, so we do not transfer data to third parties. In addition to dating, you get a well-protected messenger. We have a 6app development plan for the next few years, so each time you will only see improvements.

6app is not escort dating app or something like that. We against about such things. Love is free. Thats a regular dating app like others. Pictures (is an art object), movetones, slogans used for marketing and promotions only. Read our T&C for more information. We just like extraordinary approach to stand out among others.